Moving To Middle Tennessee? Here’s What You Need To Know

When it comes to having it all, Middle Tennessee comes pretty dang close. Between the lower price of living, Music City entertainment and tourism, great weather, and endless employment opportunities, there are just countless reasons to pack up your bags and move here already! Keep reading this blog to find out our favorite reasons to live in Tennessee, as well as our top tips for moving safely and efficiently!

Why Middle Tennessee?

Tennessee is home to influential culture, fantastic weather, and beautiful nature. Seeing as Tennessee has no state income tax, there’s no reason why its residents can’t enjoy all three because Tennessee is also listed among the most affordable places to live in the United States. What’s more, Tennessee offers free community college and vocational school programs for residents without an Associate or Bachelor’s degree.

Speaking of, there are several colleges located in and around Middle Tennessee. Vanderbilt, Lipscomb, Belmont, Trevecca Nazarene, Union, Cumberland, and Middle Tennessee State Universities are within close proximity to Nashville, as well as Welch College, Volunteer State Community College, and the Lincoln College of Technology.

If you’re moving here in search of employment, you should know that luck is on your side. According to the US Census, the average Tennessee unemployment rate was just 5.1% in January of 2021. The average rate of unemployment was 6.3%.

Weather-wise, Middle Tennessee is rated 7.3 by BestPlaces.Net’s Comfort Index. We have what’s known as a humid, subtropical climate which means hot summers and mild to cool winters. We’ll call that a win!

As far as entertainment goes, we’re never without something to do here in Music City. Some of our favorite attractions include the Grand Ole Opry, Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art, the Frist Art Museum, the National Museum of African-American Music, Lower Broadway, and Printer’s Alley.

Did you think we’d forget to mention the food? Nope! We saved the best for last! Famous Nashville cuisine includes hot chicken, hot fish, and some finger-licking good BBQ. There are numerous restaurants, breweries, wineries, and bars to choose from as well!

Why DeFatta?

Are you planning on building the home you’ll move into? When it comes to building in Middle Tennessee, there is no builder that delivers a better experience than DeFatta Custom Homes. We’re proud of the boundless community we live in which is why we go above and beyond to only add to its splendor. That means luxurious, modern homes, world-class attention to detail, and a home that appreciates and enhances Tennessee’s natural beauty.

Tips For Moving To Middle Tennessee

Choose a reputable moving company.

You should consider a moving service that’s been in business for many years because that means it’s survived more, is more likely to have a history of honoring its contracts and warranties, and should have plenty of references to choose from when you ask for references. If the moving service can’t provide you with references, look for one that can.

Your moving company should also provide you a reasonable and binding estimate so that you end up paying what you were told you’d pay. You should also get valuation coverage and a bill of lading, which is a document the law dictates that you should get prior to any move. Avoid movers who ask for upfront payments or tell you that you can’t reach their drivers during the move.

Confirm that the moving company has a TN DMV license before you make your decision. Don’t settle for anything less than professional Tennessee movers or top notch long distance movers. You want all your possessions making it to their new home in one piece after their ride on the moving truck!

Change your address.

You can easily do this online, but make sure you do so a week before your designated moving date. All you need is a debit or credit card.

Get a new Driver’s License.

You’ll need to do so within 30 days of moving to Tennessee to avoid getting a ticket.Change your Vehicle and Voter Registration.

You’ll need to find your vehicle registration information online, but you can register to vote in Tennessee by completing an in person, mail-in, or online voter registration form.

The Bottom Line

From the Great Smoky Mountains to Memphis, there’s a whole lot of Tennessee to see. In fact, we’ve only scratched the surface of all the great resources available to you in Tennessee with this blog post.

But with such a low cost of living, no state income tax, and free community college or vocational training for all residents, there’s no doubt that you’ll have no problem making the most of living in the Volunteer State.

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