5 Ways To Maximize Your Curb Appeal

When you come home after a hard day at work, a residence with plenty of curb appeal – a trim, yet cozy appearance and careful landscaping – lifts your spirits and gives you a warm sense of pride. In fact, we believe that curb appeal matters just as much when you’re living comfortably in your home as it does when you’re trying to sell it. After all, attention to this type of care is also important in maintaining your property and providing adequate protection from the elements for your house and belongings.

If you’re interested in maximizing your curb appeal — for the purpose of selling your home or NOT — keep reading to learn our top five tips for doing just that!

Replace Your Front Door

If your door is old or in disrepair, consider replacing it. But if it is in good shape, repainting can be just as effective—and far less expensive. We’d recommend choosing a color that compliments your space. While bold and bright hues, such as turquoise and cobalt, are attention-grabbing and very popular now, something more traditional such as charcoal black or burgundy will always appeal to the masses.

Spruce Up Your Driveway

Even your driveway can make a big statement. Having your asphalt or concrete driveway cleaned and sealed will only set you back about $400 to $600, but that shiny “new new” will make a big visual impact.

Over time, dirt and dust can also make additional surfaces on your home appear dingy. Spending the extra money to have your house, walkway, and front porch pressure washed can go a long way. Read more about that below!

Give It A Power Wash

Over time, algae, mold, and mildew growth can migrate under the siding and lead to expensive replacements and significant health concerns. Power washing your home on a regular basis will prevent buildup and lead to a healthier, cleaner living space…not to mention more pleasing to the eye.

While you’re at it, consider washing your windows for a sparkling, streak-free look. A little elbow grease and cleaner goes a long way!

Add Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting makes every home look better at night. But path lights, flood lights, and lamp posts also add a safety benefit because they increase your home’s visibility and in doing so, beef up your sense of security.

Consider adding new front door sconces and a few lamp posts if you’re working on a budget or looking for something easy to install. In fact, solar-powered path lights cost around $30 to $50 each and if you stick them in a sunny spot, there’s no need for any wiring either!

Add Landscaping

We saved the most obvious for last! A lush lawn is the holy grail of curb appeal, but you can cover a lot of ground with a mower and a container garden. Add a few potted plants to your front entry space or some window boxes on your front porch.

If you go so far as to add shrubs and bushes, make sure your regularly trim, mow, and edge your yard to keep up that fresh look.


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