5 Features For Your Custom Home Design

One of the best parts about building a new custom home with DeFatta Custom Homes is that you never have to settle for standard features and finishes. We firmly believe that it’s not only “okay” to dream…but that dreams should be encouraged and reflected in every facet of the design. After all, creating a custom home that’s uniquely yours is what makes a custom home so special, and why we’re in business in the first place.

As you’re planning your own custom home, we bet you’ve already come across certain features that you know you want to include in the plan. It’s not because these things are trendy or ostentatious. It’s because they deliver the kind of comfort and convenience you really want. However, you may not have thought of everything. With that in mind, let’s take a look at five “must-have” features for your custom home that you’ll probably want to consider.

A Mud Room

A well-planned mud room is a fantastic place to store and organize your belongings. Mud rooms are generally found with convenient access to the garage and are the perfect spot for containing items that are usually scattered throughout your home. A few common items found in a mud room include dog leashes, coats, shoes, umbrellas, backpacks, hats, mittens, and even school projects as they come.

For even more storage, consider building in cubbies or even individual lockers for each of your family members’ superfluous belongings. If you have a dog, you can also use this space to wipe muddy pawprints before they spread all over the house.

A Walk-In Pantry

Adding a walk-in pantry to your kitchen adds a whole new level of convenience and comfort by going the extra mile to keep your kitchen clutter at bay. You can use your pantry for larger packages of food instead of giving up coveted space inside your kitchen cabinets. A pantry also provides plenty of space for frequently used items as well as store oversized appliances (mixers, bread machines, blenders) that you don’t use as often. What’s more, it allows you to store all of these items at eye-level so they are easily accessible when you need them most.

A Main-Floor Laundry Room

Believe it or not, a laundry room on the main level can make your life a lot easier, because multitasking becomes easier when the laundry room is on the same floor as the kitchen, dining/living rooms, and other social and common “family” areas. Plus, if laundry isn’t your all-time favorite chore, a room that’s designed specifically for the task can make cleaning your clothes less of a burden. With a dedicated laundry room on the main level, you’ll have plenty of space to treat stains before you wash a load, hang clothing that must be air dried, or iron wrinkled clothing items.

We’d recommend including a few personal touches to turn your laundry room into a cozy space. If you have enough room, add a comfortable chair, a laundry sorting table or counter, a matching painting, and a shelf or cabinet large enough for holding all of your laundry supplies.

An Outdoor Kitchen

Building an outdoor kitchen increases your outdoor entertaining capabilities and allows your outdoor cooking experience to be more comfortable and convenient. You’ll no longer be limited to a simple grill on your deck or patio, but instead will enjoy an outdoor cooking oasis that includes a built-in grill, refrigerator, counter space, and even a sink for cleaning up. If you and yours are into entertaining or just enjoy spending time in the Great Outdoors, you can’t go wrong with an outdoor kitchen. 10/10 recommend!

A Wine Cellar

If you already know that you enjoy sampling, collecting and tasting fine wines with your friends, why not take your hobby to the next level with a wine cellar of your own? Depending on the size of your vino habit, you can include a small (closet-sized) wine cellar in your custom home design or ask your us to design a larger cellar that includes a wine-tasting room and storage area.

If you’d like to include dedicated wine storage in your design but don’t think you quite need a full wine cellar, we’d recommend considering a wine chiller in your kitchen. Chillers fit underneath the counter space and keep your wine collection at the perfect temperature no matter when you’re ready to drink it.

Did we leave anything out? Let us know in the comments below which kind of features YOU want to see included in your custom home design.